Submission Guidelines for Foreign Authors

Guidelines to Preparing and Submitting a Manuscript

Manuscripts prepared in Russian or in English should not exceed 40,000 characters with spaces.  Not previously published manuscripts are accepted.

The manuscript should include:

-          Journal section

-          Authors should be listed surname first, followed by a comma and initials of given names.Author’s name in Russian and English (the number of co-authors should not exceed 4 persons)

-          City

-          Country

-          Title of the article in Russian and English (lowercase letters only).

-          Abstract (200 words) in Russian and English. The abstract should reflect the main outcomes of research but should not contain any references.

-          Key words or word combinations(5-7) separated by a comma (in Russian and English).

-          The body textof the article with references to the works cited.

-          References arranged in alphabetical order and continuously numbered.


Manuscript formatting guide

-          Margins of the A4-size page (book orientation) should be: top and bottom –2 cm, left and right –2.5 cm.

-          The body text should be Times New Roman14 ptwith 1.5 spacing.Indentation of the first line – 1.25.The text should not include automatic hyphenation; it should be centered on the width.

-          If using additional fonts, consult the editor.


The manuscripts are accepted both in Russian and in English.

In the text, references are given in square brackets, indicating the source number and the page number, e.g. [1, p. 25]. Several sources are separated by a semicolon [1; 3; 4].

Within the body text, the author’s comments and explanations are given as endnotes marked by Arabic numbers. Numbering is continuous.




Fill in in Russian (if possible)

Fill in in English


Surname, first name




Academic title








Affiliation (department, institution, city, country)








Postalcode, affiliation address




Postal code, home address








Series, section




Scheduleof Publication

Uchenye  zapiski  of Transbaikal State University  published bimonthly. The papers are submitted throughout the year.

Publication date / Series

Deadline for paper submission

March 15 / Natural sciences

December 1 (current year)

May 15 / Philology, History, Oriental Studies

March 1 (current year)

September 15 / Physics, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology

May 1 (current year)

September 15 / Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Social Work

May 1 (current year)

December 15 / Pedagogy and Psychology

September 1 (current year)

December 15 / Professional Education, Theory and Methodology of Teaching

September 1 (current year)

Publication for foreign authors is free. A royalty is not paid.


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